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Nina Agdal has no trouble getting a cab

08.19.2016by: Droz

Wearing jeans as tight as Nina Agdal had on in NYC the other day pretty much assured her a quick cab ride. I'm surprised there wasn't a multi-car pile up there thanks to cabs desperate to get that sweet ass of hers into their back seat. Hell, she could probably hail regular cars trying to give her a ride. Just a bunch of dudes in Civics offering Nina cash to take her wherever she wants to go. Unfortunately for them, the competition for Nina's affections is pretty damn stiff.

As you may know, she and Leo DeCaprio are currently a thing. No surprise there. He's pretty much got his pick of the litter in the modelling world for the rest of his life. This makes him the Jack Nicholson of the 21st century, getting all the best roles and all the best hotties. That said, Nina is still a pretty damn impressive score, even for Leo. She's probably one of the hottest models in the business right now. Certainly someone I've had a special thing for since she broke large. But never fear deluded people who lament the fact that she's currently unavailable. Leo runs a clock on his romantic relationships. Soon enough it's gonna be time for him to trade up for a new model.

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