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Nina Agdal hangs out on her hog and tiny chairs while in the buff

02.14.2017by: Droz

If there's one thing Nina Agdal does best, it's getting naked. Girl shows off uncovered skin about as well as anyone ever has. The second best thing Nina does is strategically covering up naked flesh in photo spreads, like her latest in the pages of the new Maxim. She has an incredible knack for showing off everything while showing nothing. Now obviously I'm much more enthusiastic about the actual nude moments from Nina, but I have to give her credit for how she manages to stay technically covered up. I'm sure she has a lot of help there. The real fun would be seeing the outtake shots of all these items of clothing slipping from their precarious balance on her erect nipples and perfect ass.

She can even maintain barely effective coverage while frolicking on a beach, which is even more impressive.

Source: Maxim


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