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Nina Agdal gives us a sneak peek into her 2017 SI Swimsuit

01.26.2017by: Droz

It shouldn't come as a surprise to see Nina Agdal is going to be a part of Sports Illustrated's 2017 Swimsuit edition. Nor is it shocking she should be the means by which they introduce the first taste of their new offerings there. I figure she'll be a main event in this thing for some time. I sure hope they bring back some of their other heavy hitters as well, Barbara Palvin most especially. Her 2016 efforts were like delicious manna from the gods.

But back to Nina, who it appears is part of a contest SI is running wherein one lucky Tinder user will get to have a date with her. Yeah, as irresistible as I find Nina, I'm not sure I'd be down for some awkward, contractually obligated pleasantry exchange with her. That's like trudging through the Sahara desert for days and then getting to sit next to a big pitcher of ice water. I'd need there to at least be some promise of rewards after the fact. Considering that DiCaprio is the bar to which all men must now meet or exceed with Nina, I'd say we're all pretty much disqualified. Not worry though. Nina is still fun to look at from afar.


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