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Nina Agdal could use a good shave

02.18.2016by: Droz

Hotties covered only by something creamy and easily removed is one of those perfect fantasies many a guy hopes and prays he'll one day get to experience before he dies. Unfortunately, none of the women I've known in my time has ever thought to cover their sensitive areas in a thick lather for my benefit. I try not to take that personally, preferring to chalk it up to a lack of communication on how awesome it would be if they did this. Anyway, leave it to Nina Agdal to find a way to let us all live vicariously through her exploits with a shave cream bikini. Hmmm, I think I'm partial to whipped cream for the covering of hotties, for obvious reasons. Not that it matters. That cream is gonna come off her body no matter what it's made of. That goes triple for a body like Nina's.

Nina Agdal Shave Cream Bikini

Nina Agdal Shave Cream Bikini


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