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Nina Agdal continues to excel at her job as a hot bikini model

07.06.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Last month Nina Agdal shared a picture of herself on Instagram that showed how the model had blown out the seams on her tight yoga pants during some particularly strenuous squats and lunges. So we already know that Nina isn't shy about her body parts hanging out, whether it's for work like this bikini shoot where she wears her hands as a bra in a large portion of the pictures to her real life shenanigans. Agdal has just the right amount of spunk to her personality that it makes her approachable but let's hope that she gets a better opportunity to show it off. Her appearance in ENTOURAGE was promising but with the movie doing piddly business at the box office, it might take some convincing to get her cast in something else. Keep flashing those bits, Nina! 
Source: Saw First


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