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Nike snags Maria Sharapova for some leggy upskirts in New York

08.26.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Back before he gave up the losing battle and decided to shave off his famous wispy mullet, Andre Agassi got together with that other hunky tennis star of the '90's, Pete Sampras for this classic TV commercial from NIKE:

On Monday afternoon, Nike recruited far more famous faces from the world of tennis for a rematch on that classic Street Tennis advert and luckily for us, the leggy and adorable Maria Sharapova was one of them. (So was Eugenie Bouchard, whom I could find some images of and Venus Williams, whom I could not.) The gang of ball hitters gathered for pictures as the played some Street Tennis in New York, with John McEnroe officiating as a ref. Sharapova cast a thinly veiled tweet out into the world, perhaps referencing the iciness between herself and Williams, saying, "Let's be honest, only Nike could make this happen..." Let's be MORE honest, Maria and add in the "'s money" to that tweet.
Source: USA Today


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