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Nicole Scherzinger's always fine form in a tight dress

01.20.2016by: No Cool Handle

It's hard not to admire a woman like Nicole Scherzinger. Her ability to stay a somewhat relevant commodity of celebrity culture, despite not bringing those pesky necessities like talent to the table, is perhaps, a talent unto itself. Ok, so she has an impressive vocal range, but pesky truths like that won't stand in the way of my current, ornery demeanor. Besides - can anyone name just one of her songs without googling it? On the other hand, she is a remarkably beautiful woman, and I'm sure that her perfectly proportioned booty plays a huge role in keeping our collective attention spans on her.

If I actually followed the minutia of celebrity news, I'd be in a better position to give you some insight into her secrets for landing gig, after gig, after gig. Sadly, my knowledge usually is limited to the superficial; leaving me only qualified to observe – usually in a tasteless, sexual gratifying way – her current state of hottness. Like how unbelievably fine she looks in that form hugging number; rendering me incapable of finding anything to complain about. I can only think of one question: how does her appearance to the Qatar Airways Los Angeles Gala benefit the airlines? I'll leave that to you to figure out because, even though I posed the question, that doesn't mean I give shite about the answer. Whatever it is – it was a good enough excuse to get her in that dress and on my radar.

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