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Nicole Scherzinger contributes some beauty to the Italian Riviera

09.16.2016by: No Cool Handle

Ah, the Italian Riviera. A tranquil bit of coastal beauty that just became even more alluring thanks to the presence of Nicole Scherzinger. The Hawaiian hottie and former Pussycat Doll gave the local fishermen of Portofino something to fantasize about during weeks spent at sea, donning just enough bikini top as to not make a scene. There's an unfortunate caveat to these photos: It was "Love In Portofino" for the busty vocalist and boy toy, Grigor Dimitrov. Yep, this was a romantic Italian getaway, and unfortunately, it didn't involve any of us. It's some lucky Bulgarian tennis player who will be attending to Ms. Scherzinger's "needs" – reminding us of the unfair reality we exist in. I like to think in some tangent universe out there it's me who will be spending a weekend on a yacht with Nicole, overlooking the antiquated village.

Source: ns4w


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