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Nicole Scherzinger brings plenty of booty to the 2017 Brit awards

03.01.2017by: No Cool Handle

Even when completely covered, I find it impossible to not stare at Nicole Scherzinger's perfectly rounded out ass for extended periods of time. She possesses the kind of exaggerated curves normally reserved for misogynistic anime movies, where the female characters' bodies are drawn to male fantasy specifications. Here we find the former pussycat doll attending the 2017 Brit awards, sporting two different outfits throughout the evening's festivities. One draws more attention to her boobs – adding just a bit of cleavage to the ensemble – and the other, my favorite, draws your eye to Nicole's biteable backsides, packed ever-so-tightly into her chosen eveningwear. Oh, the dehumanizing things I would to for one come-hither glance back from Nicole, aimed squarely in my direction. Now if only she would abandon the cooler climate of Merry Old England in favor of some warm, exotic bikini destination.

Source: G Celeb


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