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Nicole Scherziner wraps her delectable curves into a tight leather dress

10.28.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Don'tcha wish your girlfriend got this dressed up to go out to dinner? While I know there are a lot of ladies who enjoy the whole fancy-fication process of a night out on the town, I doubt most of them are aiming for a skin tight leather dress that won't allow for more than a morsel to be consumed while out, like Nicole Scherzinger here. The X-Factor judge and former Pussycat Doll still dresses up knowing that she's going to be filmed by the paps, which is helpful in keeping her relevant in the public eye but not so great if she's got an appetite brewing. I guess if she really got hungry she could just chew on the dead cow carcass she's wearing without fear of too high of a caloric intake. Not that I'm against tasty, tasty animal carcasses, but rather I'm seeing the benefit to hot, fit chicks wearing them while out for dinner.
Source: The Sun


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