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Nicole Kidman's bikini body is holding up nicely

04.07.2016by: Droz

Who would have thought all these years after I first became enamored with Nicole Kidman in her early Aussie days in stuff like DEAD CALM, or even earlier in personal favorite 80s cheesefests like BMX BANDITS, that we could all still find cause to celebrate her in a bikini. Sure, she hasn't endured those days completely intact. Girl has gone through some changes in her life since then. She's enjoyed a whole bunch of successes and endured a few tragedies. Maybe gone a little nutty with the Botox here and there in her pursuit of career longevity. Still, were I Keith Urban and looking on as Nicole emerged from this beach in Sydney, I'd be swelling with pride and a few other sensations at the sight of her. 49-year-old women who can still wear a bikini this well don't come along very often. Their efforts deserve all the praise one can muster. If only we could all remain so bangable for so long.

Source: GotCeleb


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