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Nicole Kidman is doubly glam for Lion press conference & Governors Awards

11.14.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Kate Beckinsale wasn't the only one doing double duty this past weekend. Nicole Kidman was on the promo trail for her upcoming new movie, LION, which focuses on a young Indian boy who is adopted by a couple in Australia (played by Kidman and 300's David Wenham) and goes back to his home country decades later. Kidman herself knows a thing or two about being an adoptive parent, having adopted 2 children during her marriage to Tom Cruise, although the actress tends to stay fairly mum on the subject. Also like Beckinsale, Nicole was found at the Governor's Awards later in the weekend, handing out an award in a see-through dress that showed the Oscar winner still has a lot of oomph in her 49-year old frame. I love that Kidman has clearly laid off the Botox lately, showing creases in the forehead that previously were nothing but waxy smoothness. While she's not exactly the rosy beauty she was at the start of her career, at least she isn't smothered in makeup or overly aerobicized like some women in her age demographic. I do really miss her as a redhead though. Her FAR AND AWAY look was heavenly.
Source: Daily Mail


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