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Nicola Roberts is for those who like their hotties pale, red and bikinied

02.01.2016by: Droz

As a lifelong fan of the redheads, there are few things more eye-catching for me than the intoxicating mix of bright red hair, pale skin, and the way both seem to glow under the light of the sun. I'm told that's something of an acquired taste, based on the reactions of some friends who balk at the sight of such women. I can't understand what they're not seeing in someone like UK pop star Nicola Roberts, seen here getting some sun in Barbados. Having enjoyed the company of a few women like Nicola in my time, it seems like she's determined to literally play with fire being out like this. Such complexions don't react well to exposure to mid-latitude sunlight. It wouldn't surprise me if she found herself writhing with agony on some posh resort bed shortly after taking part in this little beach adventure. Sucks for her, but at least we all got a nice view of her porcelain-like proportions out of it. So beautiful.

Source: Superior Pics


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