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Nicki Minaj was the big-booby fairy for Halloween

11.02.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Apparently Halloween wasn't all fun and games for everyone. While we should have been focusing on the mega-cleavage that Nicki Minaj put on display in Las Vegas for her Halloween Fun House, mostly people were bent out of shape over a video she posted to her Instagram in which she points her wand at someone in a wheelchair and announces, "I command you to walk." People have been blasting Minaj for mocking disabled people, losing their shit and calling her a liar when she explained that the person in the chair was a friend of hers in a costume (who wasn't disabled). I've worked with people with disabilities and - minor newsflash - they have their own brains with which they form their own opinions and viewpoints. It's one of those shitty things about living life in this trigger warning world. Assuming that you believe how a certain demographic (that you don't belong to) would feel about something. And even still, much like any group of any people anywhere, just because one person feels a certain way does not mean that every person matching their description in any way, shape or form would believe exactly the same. My uncle had Cerebral Palsy and that man cracked more inappropriate jokes at the expense of his condition than even the harshest mean comics. That's who he was. So, on his behalf, since he always did love him some big-tittayed women, leave the Minaj alone. It's not as if you're expecting her to be a learned bestower of wisdom, intelligence and political correctness. It's OK to be just T&A. 
Source: Billboard


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