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Nichola Peltz wears two sexy outfits and one facial expression

10.03.2016by: No Cool Handle

Nichola Peltz would've been a spot-on casting choice for HBO's newly released series, WESTWORLD. With but a singular facial expression, that one note gaze makes her perfectly suited to play one of the fleshy animatronic attractions. The emotionless visage would help by making the park's patrons feel guiltless for committing violent acts of aggression. This hottie basically wore underwear to something called the Gold Obsession party in Paris, only to dilute the effect it has by constantly wearing the expression of someone who's on their way to an invasive medical procedure. Even in the accompanying photo set – where she's attending another fashion event, this time for Adidas – she's wearing a different sexy outfit with the same look on her face. Unclench for five seconds, if only to create the illusion that humans are capable of more than one stoic emotion. She's too hot to look so serious all the time.

Source: NS4W


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