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Nice, uh...pants you got there Nicole Scherzinger

04.07.2015by: Droz

Something one can be assured of whenever dealing with a situation involving Nicole Scherzinger coming out of a club in the wee hours of the morning is that she's going to be dressed in something really hot, totally plowed to the point she can barely stand, and then finally sticking her ass out in a great way as she attempts to climb into a the interior of a car that's especially difficult for a drunk person to navigate. This sort of thing has happened before with her and somehow always ends up with a great great shot of her even greater ass spread out for all to view. She looks a little too far gone here to have preplanned such a nice ass moment in her mostly absent pants, or whatever those are. So I can only assume this is the result of the inebriated not really aware of what's going on around them. I might say that whoever she went home with on this night was in for a fun time, but from the looks of things Nicole was probably unconscious before they even got out of the parking lot. Here is a great example of moderating the drinks you buy for your girl. A few to break the ice and loosen things up is fine, but you want to stop short of leaving her totally senseless. That way you don't earn a rep as a total scumbag and she has the option of taking you to bed without any thought of how much she's going to regret that decision in the morning.

Source: NSFW


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