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Nice to see more people recognizing Milana Vayntrub's inherent dopeness

05.26.2016by: Droz

One of the more confusing things to me is how relatively unknown Milana Vayntrub continues to be. Sure, we here in the States know her as Lily the AT&T girl, but that's just here and only in select markets. Does the average guy in Switzerland or Botswana know who Milana is? Probably not. This is wrong on many levels. First and foremost, she's amazing. Just look at her here doing a spread for Dopeness magazine. What a sweet-faced, curvaceous little big-titty dream girl she is. But girl is also hilarious. I know, I've seen just about everything she's done. Girl needs to be front and center somewhere. I might once have called for her to get a network sitcom somewhere, but those mostly suck anymore. Better to have more gigs like her role on the Netflix comedy series Love. Only she needs to be the lead actress - preferably one with all kinds of great sex scenes. I'd watch that over and over.

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