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Newly single Bella Thorne puts her hottie wares back on display

12.01.2016by: Cherry Liquor
So that thing between Bella Thorne and Teen Wolf star, Tyler Posey, is apparently over. Not that I needed to go searching for gossip regarding that news. Bella had stayed within her circle of friends while she was briefly dating the 25-year old actor and her random "candid" appearances on the street dwindled to practically nothing for a whopping, what? 3 months? Bella wants you to know she's more than just back on the market for a new dude in her life, she made it very obvious that she was perusing a new script as she pretended to take a call outside of Sony Studios (because people her age don't actually talk on the phone anymore, really). From what I could discern from a zoom in, it's something called Fay, screenplay by John Pleshette, which is based on the novel by Larry Brown. The book is about barely literate 17-year old runaway who "has no idea of the effect she has on men." I doubt she'll get the role because Bella knows. Bella definitely knows.
Source: Daily Mail


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