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Newly engaged Laura Prepon lit up the red carpet at her new movie premiere

10.06.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Back when she was rocking red hair on That '70's Show, Laura Prepon was easily the hottest thing Fox had going for it at the time, mainly because Mila Kunis hadn't come into her legal hottie phase until far later in her own career. After some hiccups in defining what she was going to do with acting post-Foreman & the Gang, Prepon has landed on solid ground with the much more serious role of Alex Vause on NetFlix's Orange is the New Black. So with everything falling into place with her professional life, it's good to see that she's finding happiness in her personal life as well. At the red carpet premiere of her new film, THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, Laura was seen with a big sparkler on her ring finger and the grizzly looking Ben Foster on her arm, with the news that the two had just gotten engaged after a rather quiet courtship. Unlike Kunis, who never hooked up with a '70's costar until after the show was off the air, Prepon had dated both Topher Grace and Danny Masterson during the show's run, but I guess marrying one wasn't in the cards. Best of luck to both of them!
Source: Got Celeb


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