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New BFFs Amy Schumer & Jennifer Lawrence were Uptown Girls at Billy Joel concert

08.31.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Considering that the movie TRAINWRECK is one of the 12 movies released this summer to bank more than $100 mil, I'm sure that I'm not spoiling anything for you by pointing out that Amy Schumer gets into cheerleader gear and dances to the Billy Joel tune, "Uptown Girl." And we've all been following the twist in pop culture events, where Amy has ended up BFFs with megahottie and lucrative movie star, Jennifer Lawrence. After taking a boat trip together back at the end of July, the two hit it off so well that they're writing a movie together where they plan to star as sisters.

The pair certainly looked like a cozy couple of siblings last Thursday night when they joined Joel on stage for his Wrigley Field concert, dancing on top of his piano to the TRAINWRECK tune. They stopped to take pictures with other concert-goers, a group of military fellows whose companion in the pink shirt was caught giving the blondes a wicked case of side eye. Amy is currently touring with Aziz Ansari, Nick Kroll and other comedians as a part of the summer Oddball Comedy Tour. 

Source: Yahoo


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