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Nathalie Emmanuel wins the race between all the other furious babes

04.02.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

So many hotties, so little time. It's hard to believe that the last entry in THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise is nearly upon us and with that, we're saying goodbye to hotties Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez (unless they make another direct-to-DVD action movie, that is). Fortunately for us, they'll probably be premiering this to everyone and their mom. The amount of money they had to invest in this thing to actually be made is something ridiculous, so I'm sure they'll make back their money if it's the last thing they do. Hollywood is our first place to premiere with the gorgeous Ronda Rousey and the equally beautiful Elsa Pataky making an appearance, but I have to give it to Nathalie Emmanuel for being the one who truly stole my heart. What with her massive, curly hair, her insanely sexy dark skin and her obvious enjoyment of showing off her cleavage to all who will see, Nathalie is one lady I would love to see more. Hopefully, this is all just the beginning of the premiere circuit as I know we'll continue to see these lovely ladies in even lovelier dresses as long as that's the case. 

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