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Nathalie Emmanuel was the one we Hodor'ed at SDCC 2016

07.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I am aware that it is not couth amongst "Game of Thrones" fans to misuse the term Hodor and use it as a substitute for Adore but roll with me here. The gorgeous Nathalie Emmanuel is worth it, what with the leggy appearance she made at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con panel for the popular HBO show. There were fewer women in the bunch than in previous years, perhaps because the entire cast, once compromised of lesser known but supremely talented people is now made up of well-known and beloved faces thanks to the success of the series. Emmanuel herself is a late(r)-comer to the show and is still reaping the benefits of being associated with the Martin world, having landed showy roles in the FAST & THE FURIOUS franchise of films and the upcoming sci-fi flick, THE TITAN. Nathalie's curls were like a halo around her beautiful face, perhaps only made that much more enticing when she hung out with fellow SDCC fixture, Katheryn Winnick, at the Entertainment Weekly party.
Source: Celebrity Hive


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