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Nathalie Emmanuel comes in a close second for hottest babe in Westeros

03.31.2015by: Droz

It's tough trying to decide who deserves the title of hottest babe on Game of Thrones. That show is renowned for all it's fine, female cast members. I don't think anyone will dethrone Emilia from her rightful place as my favorite hottie on that show. Khaleesi's handmaiden Missandei, played by the lovely Nathalie Emmanuel, does come pretty damn close though. Nathalie has a tasty little spread in GQ this month, which lets everyone in on why she ranks so highly in my estimation of GoT hotties. Of course, the real proof of her hotness came last season when she had herself perhaps the single greatest laundry day in the history of television.

To be perfectly honest, it wasn't until Missandei and her unsullied fancier had that moment in the creek that I truly became smitten with Nathalie. She was beautiful before, obviously. I guess all that bowing and scraping before her mistress was just too distracting. Not that I wouldn't do the same were I in Daenerys presence. Still, it's amazing what perfect pair of tits will do for one's reception. Now my GoT fantasies are split between scenarios involving Daenery's and I going at it while her dragons flay armies alive on a vast battlefield stretching out before us, or far more intimate scenarios between myself and Missandei meeting under the delicate leaves of a secluded wood and passionately humping to the background music of a babbling brook. Yes, there are some good things about having an overactive imagination.

Check out this video for some more hot moments from Nathalie's GQ shoot and to find out what it takes to date her.


Extra Tidbit: Love that accent too.
Source: GQ


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