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Natasha Oakley presenting the world with a eyeful off her ass in a thong

12.29.2015by: No Cool Handle

Australia: no longer the land down under, but the land of hot, blonde bikini models like Natasha Oakley. If only money was as easy to find as a hard bodied hottie, flaunting all of her beautiful bits up and down the countless Australian coastal areas. This social media darlings curvy silhouette should be embroidered onto the Australian flag as there's nothing more indicative of her sun-drenched homeland. Take a moment to soak in one of the best, all-natural, bikini bodies in the business. A perfectly proportioned chest, thighs that will produce large quantities of saliva and an ass that may have you clicking through this photo set more than a few times. I love being so far into the winter season and still getting a steady stream of bikini clad beach beauties in thongs and what not.

Source: Got Celeb
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