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Natalie Roser's hotness seeps through the pages of Maxim Australia

10.13.2016by: No Cool Handle

I love the kind of photo shoot where an obvious effort is made to cover as much sexy ground as possible – that's what we have here with Natalie Roser's latest Maxim Australia shoot. The former Miss Universe (I wonder if she was one of the contestants who Donald Trump brags about being allowed to walk in on while they were changing backstage?), and Aussie Instagram sensation, has just provided us with a broad collection of AAA rated imagery. We're talking topless shots; spread eagle, f**k me boots, thongs, swimsuits, wet T-shirts and her toned body in a mini dress. What did the world do to deserve such a well thought out spread of visual stimulation? If you're thinking: Why haven't I seen more of this stunning woman; just wait. She's only 26 years old and has already created a strong foundation for which she can build her career on. If you don't believe me, listen to what she had to say during her interview for Maxim. “There’s so many exciting opportunities happening around me at the moment and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to explore them. So, stay tuned!” Oh, we will!

Source: Maxim Au


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