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Natalie Portman styles herself sexy for The New York Times

07.14.2016by: Droz

It kinda sucks how few Natalie Portman spreads, like this one she did for The New York Times Fashion Magazine, seem to happen any more. Her interest in being a hottie and acting accordingly in that role just kind of vanished all at once. She met her now husband while filming BLACK SWAN, won herself an Oscar, suddenly became a wife and mother, and then quite rapidly diminished, not only from the sorts of things we like to post around here, but in most publicly consumed content in general. Her movies seem to come and go now without a lot of fanfare as all the good roles go to the likes of other actresses. Yet again the sirens call of life as a wife and mother, going around looking very much like a wife and mother looks, becomes too strong a temptation for a beloved hottie. I'll never understand how or why that happens, but fortunately Natalie manages to pull together a little hotness a few times a year now. This spread is one of those occasions.


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