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Natalie Portman is our Hottie of the Month for March 2018 (video)

03.23.2018by: Droz

Hottie of the Month March 2018 Natalie Portman

It was interesting seeing Natalie Portman getting back into sci-fi this year with ANNIHILATION. It's a genre she seems oddly suited to. I say oddly, because you wouldn't think someone so sweet-faced and glamorous would do so well with a genre like that. That's a cool thing about Natalie - she can make just about any genre of movie work for her. Part of the reason for this is that sympathetic face of hers. The other part is her talent as an actress, which is why she has that Oscar on her shelf and quite possibly more to come. This is all well and good, but Natalie's best quality might just be her wonderful abilities as a hottie. It's those qualities we're highlighting with this little tribute video in honor of her HOTM status. Enjoy!

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