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Natalie Portman is see thru in the sun for Marie Claire

08.06.2015by: Droz

Natalie Portman never fails to surprise me. That's one of my favorite things about her. I used to think she was too modest to ever take on a role where she had to do anything truly revealing. But then she went and played a stripper in CLOSER and showed off her ass in that Wes Anderson short and had her little lesbian muff-eating experience in BLACK SWAN. Those were great moments, for sure. But then she got married and had a kid and became a full on mom, both in deed and appearance. I figured from that point on it would be nice, vanilla-looking magazine spreads or the occasional, heavily Photoshopped make up portraits.

But behold, Natalie goes and surprises me again. I wouldn't have thought either Nats nor Marie Claire magazine would be down for some see thru action. I think I'm seeing some nipples peaking out there in one of those pics. Definitely some tiny panties in another. Perhaps their UK edition is more down for the sex sensationalism on par with Cosmo or any of the other asinine rags, interspersing hot bodies with ridiculous articles about how to please your man or tricks to looking 30 when you're 80. Those headlines would certainly seem to indicate that. No matter. It's Natalie showing off a little skin again. The medium by which such images are relayed to us is unimportant.

Source: Marie Claire


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