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Natalie Portman glows at the red carpet VIFF premiere of Jackie

09.09.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Oh man. I'm far better at calling pregnancy in a celebrity than the people over the gossip magazines, which isn't going to win me any medals but it's a fun thing regardless. When I first noticed a couple months ago that Natalie Portman was starting to look healthier, with a slight weight gain, my initial impression was to wonder when the actress would confirm that she was pregnant for the second time. Well, at the Venice Film Festival this week, Portman put her new baby bump on display for the premiere of her upcoming biopic, JACKIE, which details the life of Jackie Kennedy in the direct aftermath of her presidential first husband, John F Kennedy. I love the idea of Natalie in the role, a refined and polished woman of presence as the former first lady has always come off to me. I kinda want her to be pregnant all the time because she looks so damn good when she is. And to think, the time she won her Oscar for BLACK SWAN, Natalie was pregnant with her first child... too early to call?
Source: Saw First


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