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Natalie Portman gets cheeky while promoting her directorial debut at Cannes

05.18.2015by: Cherry Liquor
There's probably nothing quite as sweet as a nice ass on a skinny girl. Skinny girls can fake big boobs (it's just so rare for a skinny woman to have huge natural tatas, a fact that Emily Ratajkowski is taking to the bank right now) but the butt? That's a more difficult task. It's why we get excited to see Natalie Portman do a sexy bottomless dance for Jason Schwartzman because her dumper is so choice we'll even sit through a sex scene featuring JASON SCHWARTZMAN to see it. We'll even pretend that YOUR HIGHNESS wasn't utter crap because of Nat in a metal thong. And for such a normally conservative actress, she sure knows how to Salma Hayek the crap out of her finest asset while at Cannes. Some say it's a clever marketing ploy, seeing as how she's in this dress with that ass to promote A TALE OF LOVE AND DARKNESS, an otherwise pretty bland looking political drama that she also happens to be making her (full-length feature film) directorial debut with. I know I wouldn't have cared two licks about the film if it wasn't for the mini-uproar caused by this see-through number. 
Source: Huffington Post


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