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Natalie Dormer traded her smirk for lace gloves & a smile at the BAFTAs

02.10.2015by: Cherry Liquor
While Keira Knightley did maternity chic and Hayley Atwell literally bust out of her dress, leave it to a "Game of Thrones" hottie with no qualms about getting nude to be the sexy & chic combo. Natalie Dormer rocked the red carpet at the 2015 BAFTAs in a blue & black gown with lace gloves, trading in her trademark smirk for the far more appealing smile that she has. I find her to be so much more attractive when she smiles, even if the smirk has that sexually charged charm to it. Dormer is one of the actresses who are all the rage right now, appearing in a number of upcoming films including the second part to the MOCKINGJAY films and will be featured later this year in PATIENT ZERO, the latest film from director Stefan Ruzowitzky, the man behind 2007's awesome THE COUNTERFEITERS.
Source: Just Jared


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