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Natalie Dormer shows off some of her healthy womanliness

11.12.2015by: Droz

I wasn't very pleased about them giving Natalie Dormer such a shallow, meaningless character for her appearance in MOCKINGJAY PART 1. Her gig as the reporter/documentarian who spends the movie giving Katniss stage directions from behind the camera, was a terrible misuse of such a fine hottie. You could kind of tell that the character was probably more fleshed out in the book, but unfortunately that's one of those sacrifices they have to make to a 2-hour running time. It's also a PG-13 movie, so none of that "look at my tits" stuff she uses as a means of staying memorable on GoT. Still, I think Natalie has earned a meatier role. Hopefully Part 2 grants her that. For now, content yourself with Natalie giving us a few valid reasons why she should always be front and center in anything she does.

Source: Women's Health


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