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Natalie Dormer shined for the Irish instead of the Angelenos this weekend

04.12.2016by: Cherry Liquor
While the rest of the cast from "Game of Thrones" was visiting Los Angeles this weekend for the premiere of season 6, Natalie Dormer was still across the pond in Dublin for the 2016 IFTA Film Awards. Now, her character on the HBO series may or may not have died like so many others on the show but I honestly don't know if that's the case because I haven't yet caught up (I refuse to pay for the channel and I'm patient enough to wait for the DVDs but, well, I suck, so I'm still not up to speed) so if it's because she's not a part of this season I wouldn't know. The good thing is that I can't spoil it for you but I CAN show you pics of Nat in a pretty silver dress as she graced the crowds with her beautiful natural smile in addition to that famous smirk of hers. Dormer's turn as a lead actress didn't pan out so well when her movie THE FOREST from earlier this year crashed and burned at the box office (perhaps she can cuddle up to Lauren Cohan, who suffered a similar outcome from THE BOY in the dregs of winter releases). In the meantime, they're putting the finishing touches on Stefan Ruzowitzky's PATIENT ZERO (he directed 2007's awesome THE COUNTERFEITERS), so we won't have to wait long for more Dormer goodness.
Source: Daily Mail


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