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Natalie Dormer offers up some choice cleavage and signature lip pout

01.08.2016by: No Cool Handle

We could spend a moment to rehash opinions on Natalie Dormer's sexiness, or her fine display of boob cleft at this years People's Choice Awards, but instead, lets talk about her most recent, questionable career choice. That's right, she's headlining in a studio wide release called The Forest. Before you let the excitement take hold, it's worth noting that this wanna be horror flick currently sits at a shameful 11% on RT, and was given a 4 out of 10 by Mr. Bumbray. He confirms what was practically a foregone conclusion; this barely competent piece falls victim to PG-13 horror movie trappings.

Why she choose this movie to test her leading lady mettle is everybody's guess: money. I have a hard time believing it's because she thought a movie set in Japan's Aokigahara forest - a place where shamed men go to kill themselves - was an opportune creative endeavor. Of course the only thing it turned out to be was a fitting place to commit career Hara-kiri.

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