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Natalie Dormer is sexy and sultry eyed in Michigan Ave magazine

08.17.2015by: Cherry Liquor

You see this here?

I would totally be Sophie Turner if I got to get that close to Natalie Dormer. While Nat's "Game of Thrones" star was playing coy while the two were at San Diego Comic Con last month for a special panel, I would full on be offering my tongue up for whatever Margaery would choose to do with it. Some might not find the smirky qualities of Dormer attractive but I am not one of those people. I like her curvy little elfin smile and the way her eyes are just a bit too big for her head, as if she's a magical creature or alien visitor. I don't mean that as an insult, of course. I grew up reading sci-fi and paranormal everything, so the otherworldliness of Dormer and her less-than-standard look in the grand scheme of Hollywood appeals to me. It must appeal to the people over at Michigan Ave magazine as well, seeing the fantastic fashion photoshoot they did with the actress. Natalie also laughs off any seriousness behind the questions the magazine had for her about her now-famous red carpet grin. "I have a lopsided smile; what can I say? And if that message filters down to some girl looking in the mirror who feels she's not completely symmetrical, then I am glad to have helped in some small, albeit ridiculous, way." Oh, swoon....

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