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Natalie Dormer is our Hottie of the Month for February 2017 (video)

02.20.2017by: Droz

Natalie Dormer HOTM February 2017

What can I say about beloved Brit hottie Natalie Dormer she hasn't already made clear a hundred times before in movies and TV shows she's helped make iconic through the power of her incredible hotness. Girl is one of the most powerfully sexy women ever to bless the big and small screens. I say powerful because it's frequently the case that the male characters simply cannot resist her in many of the things she's in. Okay, there was one guy on Game of Thrones who managed to resist her, but then he was playing for a different team. I'll bet the dude playing him had some trouble maintaining his indifference when a topless Natalie came calling.

For all those reasons and more we felt it incumbent upon us to put together this modest little retrospective of some of her finer hottie moments to celebrate such an astounding creature who turned the big 3-5 this month. That's amazing in and of itself. I wouldn't put her a day over 25. So she's beautiful, hot, talented, and youthful beyond her years. Natalie has it all.

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