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Natalie Dormer doesn't need any CGI to look awesome in VVV magazine

06.16.2015by: Cherry Liquor

I am not caught up on "Game of Thrones." I have no idea what it means when I read vague "spoiler" commentary referring to walks of shame and CGI tits. I honestly find it a bit stupid that in trying to avoid being accused of being some traitorous ruiner of shows/movies/pop culture, people will resort to saying even stupider shit that gains more attention than if you just discussed the plot. I don't care. You could decide to have a conversation blatantly explaining everything that happened in the show and I'd shrug and eventually get around to watching that season and decide for myself what I think about all of it.

As for what I think of GoT resident blonde hottie Natalie Dormer, I like her. I like her pointy little face and its smirks. I love that when she chooses to smile, her entire being glows. I like that she shaved the side of her head for the MOCKINGJAY movies and it became a fashionable thing. I like that even though she's just another blonde white woman, there's something about her that inherently different. I especially like the photoshoot from VVV magazine that featured her distinctly NOT smiling, with her unhappy cleavage looking more fierce than seductive. (I've included the shoot from her April 2015 shoot with Stylist magazine as well because she's even better wetter.) I still don't like her enough to watch "Elementary," though.

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