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Naomie Harris is stunning, strapless at red carpet premiere of Spectre

10.27.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Good gawd, Moneypenny, you're gorgeous. Naomie Harris looked jaw-droppingly gorgeous in a tight, strapless orange gown on the red carpet at the London premiere of SPECTRE, the latest James Bond movie dropping next week. Harris originally appeared as Moneypenny in 2012's SKYFALL and will reprise her role as the personal assistant to "M," as played by Ralph Fiennes. The spy movie franchise really pulled out the big guns for this installment, calling upon beauty from all over Europe, including Italy's Monica Bellucci and France's Lea Seydoux. While it's still not 100% certain as to whether SPECTRE will be the last Bond movie for star Daniel Craig, the list of possible replacements continues to grow more interesting by the rumour. I'm all for Idris Elba stepping into 007's shoes because that man is more intoxicating than a martini shaken in a earthquake. However, if we're unable to secure a solid sequel to KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE, I'm all for going to a earlier time in James' life with Taron Egerton in the role. That kid is golden. 
Source: Daily Mail


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