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Naomi Watts slips into a sexy photoshoot with The Edit

03.21.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I'd make a comment about wanting to feed Naomi Watts a sandwich but that kind of body shaming bullshit is getting tired. I've been watching Naomi kick out the hits since TANK GIRL and she's always been a particularly slight little lady. Sure, the business keeps women thinner than they might choose to be if they worked at a sit-down job but who wants to see anyone sit at a desk and process paperwork for 2 hours? In this photoshoot for The Edit, Watts has had the Photoshop loving special that these publications are going overboard with, blanking out any of the natural flaws that can make a person even more charming than images used to make us believe they're impervious to the elements. I don't care if an actress has wrinkles - it means she used her facial muscles to emote while doing her damn job. I don't expect Watts to be have perfect skin - she's in her 40s, has lived a life and bore a couple of kids. Magic eraser or no, I still find this lady talented, charming and beautiful.
Source: CelebMafia


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