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Naomi Watts is a stunning Aussie I'd go down under for any day!

I’ll never forget when Naomi Watts first burst onto the scene with MULLHOLLAND DRIVE, and I’m happy to see she’s maintained a respectful level of hotness as she’s aged in the 14 years since that film’s release. This might sound weird, but I think her hip-hop dancing scene in WHILE WE’RE YOUNG is one of the sexiest moments of any movie so far this year. Naomi can look like she has such an icy exterior at times, but in moments like in that scene – she manages to let warmth and joy and energy just shine through. All while staying ridiculous good looking, of course.

Naomi stepped out for some fashion week fun in Paris the other night, and she looked stunning all in white. I’d follow her anywhere, and I’m sort of jealous of Wolverine’s onscreen brother for getting to hit that for so many years. Goddamn you to hell, Ray Donovan. Naomi is an Aussie I’d go down under for any day. 

Source: NS4W


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