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Naomi Watts' everlasting gorgeousness for the cover of New Beauty

04.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor
She might have told New Beauty magazine that she's never used Botox but that didn't stop the editors from making sure that an abundance of Photoshop was used on Naomi Watts in her photoshoot she did for their May 2016 issue. The star of this week's limited release, DEMOLITION is now 47-years old and clearly has some lines in her face when she's photographed on the red carpet but the way that they're going for the overkill (similar Photoshop excess was used in her spread for The Edit) in these magazines. It's hard to take them seriously when they have covers that scream about miracle treatments with ads to every cream and tonic available cluttering up every page. I think Watts looks outstanding and she's definitely one of those actresses I enjoy watch taking challenging roles (or even just funny ones like in 2014's ST VINCENT as a pregnant stripper). I hope she learns the lesson her buddy Nicole Kidman did when she went for the waxy, frozen look. Or least the one New Beauty magazine is trying to sell us with the "aging well" title emblazoned over the manipulated image of her.

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Source: Daily Mail


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