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Nadia Dawn straps on the leather for a Catwoman inspired MovieHotties shoot!

08.15.2016by: Paul Shirey

You may recognize Nadia Dawn from a variety of photo shoots, including Show and Sexee, as well as music videos from Shaggy to Ozzy Osbourne to Chris Brown. Now, the Canadian-born model is branching out into other avenues, including writing, producing, hosting and acting, from reality shows, TV, and film. Nadia's next effort is the indie comedy LOVE ADDICT and she can still be seen gracing her beauty and talent in online and print photo shoots.

For her first Movie Hotties shoot Nadia wanted to strap on the leather and leap into the world of one of our favorite superhero felines; Catwoman. Nadia goes from the sexy Selina Kyle get-up to the lucious and mysterious cat burglar with ease and we think you'll enjoy her night out in these exclusive photos. Check out Nadia's full gallery of images as well as her behind-the-scenes video below! Rowr! See our previous MovieHotties Exclusive Photo Shoots HERE!

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Photographer: Jonathan Meiners -
Shoot Producer / Videographer: Rusty Eltringham

Stylist - Jennifer Puzzanchera
Wardrobe - Polkadots & Moonbeams, Los Angeles
Hair/MUA - Tina Martinez



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