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Nabilla Benattia is more proof that water does a body good

05.03.2017by: Cherry Liquor
She's been referred to as the "French Kim Kardashian" because of having her own reality show in France that followed her antics with a soccer player boyfriend, who she was accused of attempting to stab about three years ago. And if you don't look too close at Nabilla Benattia's face, you might still find some charm in her overly processed body (I'm guessing the ass is as fake as the tits). What's sad is that this chick is reportedly only 25-years old but looks like a forty-something Real Housewife with a cooch so dried up it sounds like sandpaper scraping when she takes a stroll. OK, that was mean. But still, I found the pictures and figured she was just another American model trying to make a name for herself until I went looking up her story. I had figured that French chicks were more into a more realistic, unadulterated form of beauty, complete with gap teeth and a chain smoking habit but I suppose there's a plastic Barbie version of women all over the world. If only someone could have taught her that there were more ways to pose than just lifting an arm over her head, which seems to be her signature move.
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