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Myleene Klass should be in a bikini 24/7

04.21.2017by: Cherry Liquor
There might be a good reason why I don't post about Myleene Klass when she's not roaming exotic beached in tiny bikinis, showing off her incredible bikini figure (keep in mind, this woman has had a couple of kids and is only a year shy of 40). It's not because I don't think she's an attractive woman when the focus is on something other than her body, it's just that she wears a bikini so well, it's a walking advertisement for that swimsuit style. She's just busty enough, her booty is just full enough, her hips are just wide enough, that tummy is perfectly flat enough - if there's a body type for runway models (that chooses to ignore if they're attractive in the face, ahem...), then this is the body meant for bikinis. It's always a treat to see a Charlotte McKinney or Kate Upton in a bikini because, well, boobs are outstanding and they have cornered the market in overflowing their bikini cups. It's also just as great to see a fuller bottomed lady make the bikini rounds (Krysten Ritter's plump patooty comes to mind). But the overall package? Myleene has it in spades. Sports Illustrated... where are you?
Source: Celebzz


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