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Myleene Klass put her MILFtastic body back in a swimsuit & it's awesome

03.18.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I've become rather obsessed with Myleene Klass, a former British girl-group singer and sometimes reality shot host/contestant. At 37-years old, it's not as if she has one foot in the grave and having had a couple of kids doesn't mean she's got as hard of a bounce-back battle as say, Brooke Burke but gawddamn does Klass look outstanding in a swimsuit. Which she seems to be doing a lot lately, considering that the last few times I've posted about her, she's on vacation somewhere wearing either a skimpy, kinda-see-through one-piece like this one or a bikini that does that fit figure of her even more justice. The fact that Myleene is frequently laughing and smiling is also a bit intoxicating - it's a bummer to see a good-looking, super-fit woman on vacation with a scowl on her face. And it seems as if Myleene might have put on a few pounds since my last post - both her biceps & her boobs are looking much fuller, which is a great, great thing indeed.
Source: Daily Mail


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