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Myleene Klass knows it ain't broke, so she's filling your bikini fix

01.27.2017by: Cherry Liquor
I really don't have much else to say when it comes to Myleene Klass in a bikini, other than to let the lady know to keep it coming. What I do find weird is that whenever she goes on vacation and pictures are captured of her MILFing it out in a tiny two-piece, we often don't see them shared on the webs until long after the vacation was over. Does this mean that she's taking her own personal photographer with her when she takes a break, making sure that her kids are never in the shots and that only the best ones that paint her in the most flattering light are the ones that get shared? Hell, we've seen the same thing done by the Kardoucheian family, so I suppose it wouldn't be too weird if a former girl-group singer out of the UK would figure it out as well. Hell, I really do hope that it somehow translates into someone giving her a more visible job so that I have some other stuff to say about what she's doing in life, rather than, "Wooo! Bitch look good in a bikini, yo!"
Source: Saw First


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