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Myleene Klass has a mighty fine ass

01.13.2016by: Cherry Liquor
The UK seems to be more interested in creating girl groups than here in the US, but that doesn't make me any more familiar with their pop singers outside of The Spice Girls, so I know little about Myleene Klass other than seeing her pop up in gossip sites from the UK. I guess she was a part of a group called Hear'Say (because following in the footsteps of N*SYNC is always a good idea) and has since moved on to the types of gigs that former girl group singers do, hosting and judging on reality competition shows and that ilk. Klass also went and got married and had kids as British girl group singers are prone to doing after their stars have stopped sizzling but she didn't stop her fitness regimen because that body in that low-cut, high-cut one piece swimsuit on vacation in Thailand is pretty damn current girl group bangin'. I might not want to hear her sing but I wouldn't mind seeing more wet bathing suit moments from this classy lassy.
Source: Daily Mail


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