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My my my, Keke Palmer was looking good at Delilah

01.18.2017by: Cherry Liquor
It was a slightly less revealing look for Keke Palmer, who was snapped by the paps as she and a group of friends were stopping by the club Delilah in West Hollywood on Sunday night, compared to her recent booty baring shopping trip from the other day. But the look was still a good one, focusing on the leggy curves that the Scream Queens star banks on. I was particularly wowed by her recent Instagram video, where she sang Beyonce's "Love on Top" A Capella in her car before heading into some event. Just sweet, off-the-cuff goodness from our favorite queen. It's also nice to see that she loves us just as much as we love her, as she regularly tweets gratitude toward those who follow and support her in her endeavors.

Too bad this dude at the club wasn't feeling the love for Keke like we do.

I mean, he's no Taylor Swift stalker, but I thought his expression was funny.

Source: CelebMafia


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