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My girl Kelly Brook looks angelic at the bank and even better at the gym

01.22.2015by: Droz

Goody goody, more Kelly Brook hotness. This time our beloved Brit with the big boobs was spotted at the bank, dipping into some of the fortune that famous rack has earned her over the years. Who looks this good at the bank? No one I ever see. It's always people in a rush, trying to get their banking done in whatever paltry time they're allotted for a lunch break. Either that or belligerent people coming in to complain about overdraft fees or something to that effect. I suppose if you have a shit ton of modelling and TV show money like Kelly, you probably have plenty of time to get yourself all pretty before stopping by the ATM for some quick cash. Must be nice.

All you folks concerned about Kelly's recent weight gain should take notice of these pics she posted to her Instagram the other day showing her doing some rather painful-looking Pilates. See, Kelly does workout. It could be she just doesn't want to overdo it and risk losing that mouth-watering rack she's got now. I can't blame her for that. Such a loss would be a terrible tragedy. Now it's just a matter of finding out where Kelly works out and inquiring about their membership rates.

Source: NSFW


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