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MVP bikini wearer, Jessica Alba, brings her gold medal game to Cancun

08.17.2015by: Cherry Liquor
There is positively nothing new that could ever be written about the sight that is Jessica Alba in a bikini. Sports Illustrated might believe that they have the hottest women in two pieces for their annual spank issue but we all know who is going to go down as the title holder when it comes to excelling at bikini wearing. Alba was in Cancun with her family over the weekend, soaking up the sun and throwing around a football while she strutted about in a tiny white bikini. Her Honest company was recently valued at $1.7 billion, so I'm guessing that she was celebrating ripping off a bunch of foolish women who believe that pretty packaging and a promise of being organic is the key to a brilliant lot in life. In actuality, we're one day going to find a contract with the devil signed in Alba's blood. There's absolutely no other explanation. None. 
Source: Daily Mail


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